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Dental amalgamators make it possible to form amalgam fillings for treating cavities in the teeth. This machine is found in every dentist's treatment room and it is an integral component to patient care. Amalgam fillings have a metallic base containing small amounts of mercury and thus have a silver color when they are seen in the mouth. They are less expensive than composite (non-metal) fillings and many dentists believe that amalgam fillings have better integrity in the filling than composites do.

When it comes down to dental supplies and dental equipment, Crystal Medical is a company to pay attention to. They offer a comprehensive array of medical and dental equipment and supplies and they do so with a high quality standard. This is a good place to start when considering buying or renting a new dental amalgamator for your dental practice.

The consistently average price for all amalgamators offered by Crystal Medical is around 249.00 for purchase or 1.50 per week for rental with term agreement. This company offers flexible payment plans to match the cash flow of your practice. They also have a standard to offer dental equipment and supplies that will bring greater income for your practice. The idea is to set up the right payment plan so that the equipment you purchase or rent easily pays for itself.

So it is with the dental amalgamators as well. Some of the features offered on the Sigma model amalgamators are silicone buttons for a smooth touch, noise-free operation, ergonomic design, controlled and consistent mixing, and ease of operation.

The Sigma RS-336 Dental Amalgamator utilizes a microprocessor control system to maintain a precise and consistent mix. It is designed specifically for mercury-based fillings and it meets the high standards you would expect from a well-designed machine. The unit has a safety deactivation switch which will shut down the device upon opening the front cover.

One more model offered by Crystal Medical is the Sigma YDM-Pro Dental Amalgamator. Like the RS-336, it has comfortable touch silicone buttons for ease of operation and an LED display. It operates silently with two speed settings. Like other amalgamators, it takes up little space but it has a mixing frequency of 4000 and 4500 oscillations per second.

Review these products at and decide what your needs are. This should help you make an informed choice with dental equipment for your practice.
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Dental Amalgamators

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This article was published on 2011/01/31