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Looking through the multiple career prospects? Thinking of becoming a dental hygienist? Well, it's a great career choice. However, it's a quite challenging task at the same time. Dental hygiene is a very competitive field in the States. You'll have to put in a great deal of effort to be accepted on the dental hygiene program. In addition, dental hygienist education is rather costly. But you can ease the blow on your budget by applying for dental hygienist scholarship. Also, you should consider the other fact. Dental hygienist job is one of the most lucrative jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This all means that dental hygienist career is one of the most wanted among the high-school students. You can easily find dental hygienist educational program in each state. Educational programs are offered for students of different background and age. But all dental hygienist programs have some general requirements. You can find out about them here.

Pre-Requisite Course Completion
These courses are aimed to strengthen your basic knowledge on general subjects. Once you complete the course you will have to take a test. And the result of this test influences your future education. It will determine if you are accepted to proceed with dental hygienist education.

College Degree Completion
To become a dental hygienist you can choose 2 or 4-year educational program. You can obtain an Associate's degree in 2 years. Other than that, you may go further and get Bachelor's degree in dental hygiene. It will take you another 2 years. When it comes to Master of Science, it takes you 6 years in total to complete this educational program. As a part of your dental hygienist education you'll have some practice in public dental institutions.

License Obtaining
As soon as you're through with your dental hygienist education, you can pursue your career and begin practicing. For this you must get a license approved by the State where you want to work. You will have to take two exams to confirm your skills and qualification. These are the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination and regional or state clinical exam. If you pass them successfully, you'll be most welcome to start dental hygienist practice. To maintain your license you must pay $100 -$ 200 depending on the State annually.

These are the main guidelines on dental hygienist education. But to make a choice you'll have to look for more specific information. Make a research about dental hygienist degrees, education fees and scholarships. It would help you to come up with the decision.
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Education For Future Dental Hygienists

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This article was published on 2011/01/06