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R..H. was a 73-year old man with extremely bad teeth, missing nearly all of his upper teeth, and his bottom jaw teeth separated by large gaps. All his teeth were yellowed and damaged by age, wear and decay. He had difficult eating and speaking, but didn't suffer from any other medical conditions that affected his overall general health.

R.H. traveled from California to High-Tech Dental Care in San Jose, Costa Rica, captivated by not only the destination, but their superlative qualifications. Accessing information through a medical provider portal called PlacidWay, R.H. found the information he was looking for and contacted High-Tech Dental Care for his needs.

R.H. arrived at the clinic in mid-October, 2010, hoping for help with his dental issues. He found what he was looking for, and then some. Dr. Alberto Coto is only one of the highly trained dentists at High-Tech, graduating first in his class in dental surgery at the University of Costa Rica. "I'm also a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantology and the American Academy of Osseointegration," says Dr. Coto. "I want my patients to feel comfortable and safe with my qualifications and experience. My goal is to offer them the safest, most effective dental treatments possible."

Making it Happen

No doubt about it, R.H.'s teeth were in very bad shape. Still, Dr. Coto and his team at High-Tech Dental took a step-by-step approach to repairing the damage and creating implants for R.H. that would make his life not only easier, but offer him the smile and function he'd been lacking for years.

First, Dr. Coto put R.H. through a full dental CT scan to check his jaw and bone structure and then gave him a thorough check up. The following day, Dr. Coto performed oral surgery with R.H. under nitrous oxide sedation. During the 2-hour procedure, they placed eleven ImplantDirect® dental implants into R.H.'s jaw. Following that, staff at the clinic took dental impressions and then placed healing caps on R.H.'s remaining teeth.

The following day, R.H. received the implant posts. Then, R.H. enjoyed the remainder of his day in beautiful, sunny San Jose while he waited for the lab to complete construction of his crowns, which would be fitted over the posts.

R.H. was then fitted for his new porcelain implants. Adjustments were made and then secured into place. The treatment was a resounding success and the photos of R.H.'s mouth before and after the implants are astounding. Where before R.H. had only one front, yellowed tooth and worn-down and yellowed bottom teeth, R.H. now has a beautiful smile and a set of strong, durable porcelain teeth that will stand him in good stead, not only for eating, but for flashing one of the most beautiful smiles his family has seen in years.

Traveling to Costa Rica for Dental Care

Facilities like High-Tech Dental Care are dedicated to offering only the best in services to patients. "We take the education, experience and qualifications of our facilities and dentists very seriously," says Pramod Goel of PlacidWay. "We are focused on providing medical tourists only the best in care, service and pricing when it comes to their medical and dental needs. We're happy that R.H. found exactly what he was looking for at High-Tech Dental Care, and will continue with our efforts to match global patients to the doctors and facilities that best meet their needs and goals."

Costa Rica is one of the most popular Central and South American destinations for travelers today, giving medical tourists the best of two worlds; the ultimate in medical and dental care and one of the most unique, beautiful and exciting tourist opportunities around.


Thanks for everything, I'm so glad that I spoke to you and found such a wonderful Surgery. If you need to visit this hospital then feel free here: 1.303.578.0719, info@placidway.com

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A visit to High Tech Dental Clinic in Costa Rica will literally take your breath away. Extraordinary things to see and experience keep travelers coming back to this country to explore the many landmarks, Dental Treatment Clinic, scenic views and activities it has to offer.

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High-Tech Dental: Making Miracles Happen

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This article was published on 2010/11/23