Improved Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Better Smiles

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There has been a long-held opinion that dental procedures involve overwhelming pain. On the contrary, advances in medical technology within the last twenty years have generated noninvasive and minimally invasive treatments with as little pain as possible. This extends toward cosmetic dentistry, which aims to improve the visual aspect of teeth.

Most dental problems that persuade individuals to pay a visit to a cosmetic dentist are linked to actual dental ailments. For example, dental caries or tooth decay tarnish the teeth with unpleasant stains and cavities. These are oftentimes together with fractures that permit oral bacteria to pass through the dental pulp and cause pain. Cracked and worn-out teeth arise as an outcome of bad calcium consumption and uncontrollable clenching or grinding of teeth.

In the past, compromised teeth typically required extraction, yet currently, dentists cover up affected teeth with protective dental crowns. These were traditionally made of metal, but as a result of health concerns related to their mercury content, dentists currently use porcelain crowns. These resemble the surface of actual teeth, allowing patients to smile, eat, and talk without feeling self-conscious at all.

Dental veneers instantly bring back the beauty of weakened teeth, mostly the incisors and canines. Incredibly thin yet strong, veneers are adhered on the teeth for permanent safeguard from future injury or infection. There was a time when real teeth needed to be shorn into buds before application of thick veneers-but not anymore. A patient's real teeth would require little shearing with barely discernible changes and almost no pain involved.

Patients with little to no dental damage but whose teeth are discolored due to coffee, tea, or chocolate may go for veneers that any dentist Ottawa patients trust can offer. However, several dentists advise tooth whitening for caffeine-stained teeth if the teeth are otherwise in good condition. Dentists use a bleaching gel in a tray that a patient needs to bite into until the chemicals eliminate the stains from the teeth; the bleaching process is further advanced with laser technology.

Dentists align people's misaligned teeth to decrease ache and infection. To their patients' relief, they utilize imperceptible plastic braces rather than unappealing and troublesome metal braces. Occasionally, instead of braces that take quite some time to generate any benefits, many patients approach cosmetic dentistry Ottawa experts for dental veneers.

Although cosmetic dentistry on the whole is geared towards enhancing visual appeal, it is good to know that Ottawa cosmetic dentistry sets patients' well being first. Dentists know what is good for your dental wellness, and they will help you all throughout. If you want more material on cosmetic dentistry, check out sites such as, the Oral Health Center, or

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Improved Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Better Smiles

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Improved Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Better Smiles

This article was published on 2012/03/30