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Oral Thrush is one of the mouth infections, which is mainly happened by Candida fungus. The fungus normally called as yeast. This infection can become serious because of recurring nature and also the capability to affect other areas of the body like yeast infections in the vaginal region and also diaper rashes in babies. Here in this article we will provide more information about Oral Thrush.

Causes of Oral Thrush:

Thrush is mainly happened by the fungus Candida Albicans. It is a type of fungus, which is usually appear in the skin, mouth and also in the digestive tract of people without causing any trouble. The action of Candida fungus is nearly managed by other bacteria in the mouth. Its when this manage over the development of the yeast is lost, troubles occur. Medications, stress and illness can cause an imbalance of bacteria in the mouth. This is too much for the development of the Candida infection in a limitless manner, which ultimately leads to illness. There are some medicines also which cause the microbial balance of mouth such as antibiotics, birth pills and corticosteroids. Patients of HIV infection, uncontrolled sugar level, dry mouth and cancer are more prone to be affected by Candida fungus. Ill-fitting dentures and smoking are also one of the reasons of causing oral thrush.

Symptoms of Oral Thrush:

There are lots of people who experience such type of problems can also suffer from it for long-lasting. There are various signs of oral thrush such as large amount of creamy white, slightly raised lesions in the mouth. These injuries usually happen on the surface of the inner cheeks and tongue. Sometimes it also happens in the palate area of the mouth, gums, back area of the throat and tonsils. These lesions can be throbbing and bleeding can also happen from them, when you brush your teeth it is important to try to rub them. If these lesions get in the esophagus, then they can cause serious complications such as hard to swallowing food, fever and also feeling like food getting trapped in the trot or the mid-chest region.


The treatment of oral thrush is completed according to the harshness of the trouble. People who have poor immune systems, it can become very hard to eliminate it. Antifungal medications are given to the people for about two weeks. These medicines are also available in tablet form, liquids or lozenges. Treatment is planned specially according to the age of the person and also cause of the infection.


There are some of the prevention tips which help you to lesson the threat of Candida infection such as:

It is very important to brush two times in a day and also not to use artificial mouthwashes or sprays, as they are responsible for making imbalance in the micro-organisms in mouth.

It is also very vital to visit your dentist regularly, particularly when you are experiencing from diabetes or wear braces.

Stay away from excess usage of alcohol and sugar and also say big no to smoking.

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Oral Thrush

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Oral Thrush

This article was published on 2012/03/17