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Every six months people are urged to go to the dentist. They are often told to go to the dentist in order get their teeth examined, cleaned and maintained. One of the procedures that people need to get every so often is a dental filling. A dental filling is a procedure in which certain materials are put into the teeth to fill in cavities. For people in cities such as Los Angeles they will often go see a family dentist to take care of this task. Fortunately people who need to go to the dentist should have no problem finding a downtown Los Angeles dentist.


There are some reasons why you will need to get a filling done at a dental practice. The main reason to have a dental filling done is to fill in the tooth after receiving a cavity. Cavities are holes that develop in the teeth from decay. It is very important to get cavities eliminated because they can lead to severe complications. Another reason to get a filling is to get your tooth’s structure filled in after getting damage to the teeth. There are times when a person may get hit in the mouth or fall and get their teeth damaged as a result. Fillings can help them get their tooth structure rebuilt. Getting a filling can also help enhance the appearance of the teeth as well.


In order to get a filling done the dentist will do a few things. First they will inject anesthesia in your mouth to numb it. After a few minutes they will then begin drilling the tooth to eliminate the cavity. Once they drill the tooth they will then use water to rinse out the debris of the cavity and clean it up. They will then put either a metal particle or a natural colored material into the hole to fill in the tooth and use a light to harden it. The dentist will then test you to see if your biting is even. If it is then you are done.


Getting a filling is very important to get as it is detrimental to your dental health. If you don’t get a filling the cavity can get bigger and spreads to the gums which can cause sever pain. As a result you will need to get an even more expensive procedure done. So getting a filling immediately is going to be in your best interest.

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See a Los Angeles Dentist about a Dental Filling

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See a Los Angeles Dentist about a Dental Filling

This article was published on 2012/02/15