Simple Sealants for Tooth Decay Prevention

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Tooth pains and cavities are some of the most common dental complaints among kids. These dental caries affect American children more than any other chronic disease. The good news, however, is that tooth decay can easily be treated and is even highly preventable.

There are two breakthroughs in the history of decay prevention: fluoride and sealants. The former is a naturally occurring element that strengthens teeth against enamel erosion. Sealants, on the other hand, are plastic resin compounds used to coat and bond molar surfaces. These sealing substances have been tested effective in hampering the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.

A lot of patients choose this procedure since sealant application is just a simple, painless, and affordable dental process. The dental surface is thoroughly cleaned before the sealants are applied. Afterward, a light beam is used to solidify the substance in place. There is no painful drilling or costly anesthesia required, which makes it more appealing to patients.

However, some evaluators claim that this dental solution has a number of drawbacks. First, it is impermanent; it must be regularly replaced every four to five years. Although the composite is made of a tough material, eating hard food such as ice, candies, and nuts can cause them to crack and gradually break.  Sealant also wears away over time, so the help of a known Buckhead dentist is constantly needed. 

In addition, the role of sealants is quite restricted. They cannot prevent gum diseases or any other dental ailment. As a matter of fact, people say that sealants can only make teeth perfect if combined with regular visits to certified professionals like several Buckhead dental experts. These licensed individuals monitor enamel condition and teach patients how to maintain their sealant-protected teeth. 

Nevertheless, many Buckhead dental professionals still consider these sealants beneficial in tooth decay prevention. Since they even out grooves on the surface of the teeth, brushing can be more effective. The hiding places for bacteria are also eliminated. As a result, patients can smile with more confidence knowing that their teeth are cleaned thoroughly. Thus, this procedure comes highly recommended by dental specialists everywhere.

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Simple Sealants for Tooth Decay Prevention

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This article was published on 2011/09/27