The Dental Implant Process

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A dental implant is a metal anchor that is inserted in your mouth and reaches all the way down to your jaw bone. Its meant to provide a stable foundation for additional oral prosthesis like bridges, crowns and dentures. There are many skilled orthodontists and dental surgeons in Fort Lauderdale that can easily give you one should you need it.

Getting a dental implant is a surgical operation. Just like any other instance where you have to go under the knife, make sure you get plenty of rest the night before and eat a hearty dinner as well. This will ensure that youll be healthy and strong during the mornings operation. Try to avoid over-the-counter painkillers beforehand, they tend to thin your blood and the excessive bleeding can complicate matters.

The first step your dentist will perform is to administer local anesthesia. This will ensure that you dont feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure. He or she will then drill through the gum tissue until the bone is reached. A metal anchor is then screwed in place to act as an artificial root.

In the next stage of the operation, the dental implants Fort Lauderdale medical suppliers provide your surgeon with will be covered by something called a healing cap. This is to prevent the surrounding area from completely enclosing the prosthesis as it heals. The next few months will be spent letting the bone and tissue grow and integrate with the artificial device.

Only once a dentist Fort Lauderdale, FL residents trust have deemed your implant sufficiently healed can the treatment continue. The healing cap is removed and the surrounding area is digitally scanned. The measurements will be used to fabricate a crown or bridge that will fit perfectly with the rest of the real teeth.

The fake teeth arent directly attached to the implant. Instead, metal posts are screwed onto the dental implants Fort Lauderdale dentists install as faux roots. This gives the crown or bridge increased durability. The whole operation is at the mercy of the patients individual healing rate; most times it takes the better part of a year from initial consultation to final appointment.
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The Dental Implant Process

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This article was published on 2011/01/31