The Health Benefits Of Chlorella

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You have always been told to eat your “greens.”  Vegetables are very good for our bodies but there is another green that is just as good for you if not better.  It is also green and it is called Chlorella.  Discovered in the 19th century, Chlorella is a superfood supplement that comes from green algae. It was found to be naturally high in protein so it became a natural food source. In the late 60’s, it was discovered that many people were reaping healing benefits from it. People claimed it helped with the side effects of chemotherapy and even helped to slow cancer growth.  It quickly became a popular food and dietary supplement.  Today, you too can receive the benefits of this amazing source. If you are feeling tired, run down, have poor digestion or anemia, you may want to give Chlorella a try.  These are only a few of the conditions that Chlorella can help treat and prevent.  It is loaded with antioxidants that help the body get rid of free radicals. It is a complete protein and contains all kinds of vitamins such as B, C and E.  It also contains minerals such as zinc and iron. It is used as a natural way to  increase the level of albumin in the bloodstream.  Albumin is a protein that can help protect against all kinds of diseases.

Chlorella is used to help improve the body’s immune system.  It has also been used to treat several conditions such as certain cancers, ulcers, liver damage, infections, high cholesterol, inflammation of the joints, asthma, constipation and more.

You can get this “superfood” in several different forms.  It is available in pill form, liquid extracts and powder form.  Make sure to read the labels carefully so you can know how much of it to take.  Many people use it everyday and mix it with drinks or bake with it. You may start to feel your symptoms subside with just a few uses.  Chlorella goes to work detoxifying the body and regulating blood sugar.  You will feel you have more energy and less of the sluggish feeling.

Even if you have no health problems to worry about, taking Chlorella still makes a good natural dietary supplement.  It appears there are no side effects to taking it.  But if you develop hives or a rash, you may be allergic and you should seek medical attention.

You can find Chlorella in many health food stores or online including this store. Take charge of your health and feel good again by using this powerful superfood supplement.

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Editor’s Note: Peter Morgan is a health writer for Spirulina UK covering information on spirulina powder as well as the benefits of chlorella powder.

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The Health Benefits Of Chlorella

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The Health Benefits Of Chlorella

This article was published on 2012/03/20