Why should one go for dental assistant career?

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Looking for a new career? - Dental assisting can be a good profession.

If you want to become a dental assistant, there are several vocational dental training programs which can help you. After the high school, you can opt for dental assistant programs. Whether you go for short term or long term training programs, you can assist the licensed dentists and earn handsome salary. Oral health assistants work in dental offices, clinics and hospitals.

You can search for an accredited vocational dental assisting school. Generally, the such assisting programs last around one year. You can also go for some degree courses to get into this profession. Such degree courses last for about two years. Fast track certificate courses can also be beneficial.

Dental assistants get decent salaries, clean working environment and the chance to help and assist others. Vocational dental education can help you become licensed. Depending on your state, you can have the certificates and degrees. On completion of the training, you can go for on-job training. Four to six months training may be required in most of the cases.

Let’s talk about money. Salaries for oral healthcare assistants range from $32,000 to $45,000 annually depending on the experience and expertise.  Job market for the dental assistants is always open. The demands for qualified oral health assistants always arise. The hourly rate can be $ 13-16 depending on the skills and experience of the assistants. Apart from the salaries and wages, you would get other benefits also.

Want to know what are the duties and job responsibilities of a dental assistant? You would be required to assist the dentist and oral hygienists. You can also go for dental hygienist training. A oral health assistant would have to keep the records of the patients for their oral treatments, take and develop x-rays and much more. One also needs to assist the dentists for cleaning procedures. You are expected to keep the equipment and facilities in the best possible condition. Disinfect and sterilize the instruments and set up the necessary equipment. Temporary crowns can also be created.

Once you get the right education, you can work with experienced and licensed dentists in the departments of hospitals or clinics. If you want to get into the sales departments which specialize in oral health care products, you can do that also. You can also serve as sales representatives and take the dental products to the consumers and the clinics. Another alternative is serving as an insurance agent. You can work with insurance companies.

The training for such assistants is not high. But the salaries and benefits make people attracted to it. More and more people go for oral assistants these days. The clerical duties need to be performed by oral health care assistant. It has numerous benefits and the salaries are also high. You can work under flexible hours. Most of the people work for 35 to 40 hours in a week. It is indeed a rewarding career. Think about it.

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Why should one go for dental assistant career?

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This article was published on 2013/04/13